Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday USA

It is hard not to get a little homesick on holidays. I woke up early and wished I was rushing to get to the hot air balloons in Provo. (It wouldn't have worked this year because two sisters were running the 5K, and one sister was in Oregon... but I still wished it.)

Luckily, we have proactive friends so my homesickness didn't last long. We received a few invitations to spend the evening with different groups. We ended up going to a potluck picnic with three other families. The kids ran around, the dad's took them into the playground while the mom's got to sit and talk. (I did not make the cake that is on my photo blog, Morgan did.)

We then went to our friend's roof to watch the fireworks. (When you are seven months pregnant the thought of camping out for 4 hours in the crowds, and then trying to get home in the middle of the night makes you nauseous. It would have been different this year because it was on the Hudson and not the East River, but I wasn't ready to brave it.) The hospital was blocking most of the view of the Hudson fireworks, but we got our fill. Fire works look pretty neat when you have the New York Skyline in view. We could see the Empire State Building's red white and blue, and the fire works from queens were visible.

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Tammy Lorna said...

Sounds wonderful Brecken :) I'm glad you didn't have to be homesick for the balloons in Provo for long (you made me homesick for them too - which made me homesick for you!)

7 months! i think i knew that, but not seeing you (ever) I hadn't realized just how far along you were now! How exciting :)

Hope all is going really well.
xo Tammy