Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning outing

Yesterday morning Tara and I went to central park to get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park... turns out this year you have to be uber dedicated and get there before the sun rises to have a chance at tickets. Although I was disappointed that my early morning didn't merit free tickets, I was relieved that I didn't spend the day sitting on a blanket in central park (good company does not change the fact that I have end of pregnancy hips). Instead, I got home and laid down (in an attempt to make the contractions stop), and fell asleep... until noon. Justin was planning on watching Reuben until 1, and he being the loving husband shut the bedroom door and let me sleep. Tara and some others went this morning (got to the park at 5) and just barely got tickets.

This morning we went to the Magic Johnson Theater (Harlem 9) because they have $1 movies (only on Wednesday at 10 for kid movies that aren't new.) We finally saw Tale of Desperaux. I have yet to read the book, when I started it we were in the throes of a mouse infestation and I was not about to connect to a mouse in any form. Last week we saw Madagascar 2 for the same deal. We used to think that dollar movies were too expensive to do so close together, just one of the ways New York has changed us.

We were a block away from the Apollo. Either the "grieving" fans aren't up before 10, or the crowds of people have been satisisfied because there was no one there.


Talyn said...

I thought the movie was cute, but the book was phenomenal. There's no comparison.

Mindy said...

If you moved to the midwest, maybe you could rent a movie from redbox for a dollar. You can't beat 1$ for a theater though. The best was in Milwaukee, in the summer the theater had 1$ movies and it included the popcorn!

Tammy Lorna said...

New York always sounds like has so many cool and fabulous things to do :)

Sorry about your pregancy hips though :( Can't wait to see pictures of (and one day meet) the new Baby Cook.

Hope all is well - you're in my prayers.
xo Tammy