Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lost in Space

Reuben smacked me across the face with a rubber snake on Friday and my glasses disappeared into thin air in our living room. After calming down from the snake-slap I thought maybe he saw what happened to them or they were broken and he hid them. We had this conversation:

Daddy: Reuben, you aren't in trouble, I just need you to tell me where my glasses are, do you know where they are?
Reuben nods.
Daddy: Where are they?
Reuben: In outer space. On a star.
Daddy: Can you take me to the star?
Reuben shakes his head no.

This morning before church Reuben brings in a pair of 3-D glasses from when we went to see UP.

Reuben: Here are some glasses for you Daddy.

I try them on--very cool.

Daddy: Oh thank you Reuben.

In church today Reuben was looking through the Gospel Art Kit and there saw a picture of outer space and stars. Reuben points to it:

Reuben: There are your glasses Daddy!

I am pretty sure at this point that he didn't hide them. They must be out there floating among matter unorganized.


Courtlin said...

My glasses might beyours in space. But really I think they are at the bottom of the Rouge River.

Tammy Lorna said...

Hey Justin :)

This story cracked me up! If he DID hide them, then he's showing an extrodinary amount of follow through :)

xo Tammy

Mindy said...

Hope the window wasn't open!