Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

We started the day off early going to the Lincoln Center AMC theater to see Wall-e. This was the first time we let Reuben ride the train not in his stroller. We put on his leash, and everything was fine, but he didn't want to sit unless it was between both of us, and there just weren't seats fur us until 96th street. Once we had seats and Reub settled it was pretty easy. We loved Wall-e. Reuben talked about it all day. "We met Wall-e and ate popcorn." He started to fuss a little in the middle but not enough for me to be embarrassed, or to worry. We loved it, the visual story telling, and the story without dialog was just wonderful! I think it will be a favorite movie for mothers who, like me, get annoyed with the loud dialog all the time.

We stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for my book club that we have been unable to get at the library. We also found some other things we've been in need of which will probably get posted about later.

We took the bus home, which is much easier to do without the stroller, and plus drops us off closer to our apartment than the train. We walked home, made some hot dogs and all took a nap.

We woke up at 5, made some sandwiches and headed for the Macy's fireworks. We got there just after 7, and laid down our blanket under the overpass on FDR, and were sheltered from the rain. We made friend with the people around us. A family from PA, and to Brazilians and a Colombian. The fireworks were the longest I have ever seen, and there was never that lull where you wondered if they were over or not. Next year I think I will try for Roosevelt Island tickets. Because, although this was extremely easy, and pretty enjoyable, I'm betting the view is better from Roosevelt Island.

Then the walk home in sea of umbrellas. We thought it would be pretty easy but they closed Grand Central, so we decided to try for a bus, this got us out of the crowd which was lovely, but we started to loose hope for an ride home. After a long walk up Madison Ave and waiting until after 11, we finally gave up and took a taxi home.

I did not have any overwhelming feelings of patriotism, which I sometimes get at parades or block parties, and I missed the hot air balloons, but I did have a lovely time with my family.

I am so thankful for the freedoms we have, for the safety we take for granted and the opportunities that we are offered because of where we live. New York often feels like a foreign land, but those days where it feels like America are my favorite.


Lark said...

We made ice cream. Only used half the sugar and it is not bad.

I wished I had taken pictures of all the times over the years of your life we made ice cream on the 4th of July. Pictures of our little girls taking turns churning and taking turns sitting on the top of the ice cream freezer to hold it steady.

Your Dad spoke at the flag raising ceremony and breakfast at the church and I watched The Revolution on the history channel.

Courtlin had driven to Nashwalk so many times this week we didn't go there for fireworks. We only listened to the Pokegama Lake fireworks from our familyroom.

We missed you and your sisters and families.

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken - looks like a wonderful weekend :) Am glad you got to spend some family time together.

xo Tammy