Thursday, July 3, 2008

Letting Him Grow Up

I've been braving it, and letting Reuben walk to the parks that are within Reuben's walking distance. He still scares me once in a while, but now he talks about "the walking man." and says "any cars? any moving cars?" and he does a pretty good job of sticking by me.

He calls flags "flaggen."

He can say prayers with the only help being "Dear...Thank thee...Bless...In the name" He fills in the rest, and the only reason we have to give him the last to is so that he will stop listing the things he is grateful for. He is a very grateful kid.

I bought some strawberries for strawberry shortcakes, and Reuben helped himself to the whole carton. It was one of those playing quietly moments where I had something I had to finish instead of going to see that he was sitting in front of the open fridge eating strawberry after strawberry.

When we were at the park today, we met some friends there. Reuben played with them for a while, but then the preschool that was there started to eat their lunch, and Reuben quickly made friends with a bunch of 5 year old girls. When I went to get him I said, "Oh, looks like he really wants to go to your school!" One of the teachers/staff said, "We'd be happy to have him he's so calm and friendly."

He loves to watch SYTYCD, and he does it the best way ever, he imitates each dance. He is pretty good at the hip hop, and the broadway dances, he needs some work on the ballroom dances (or maybe just a partner.)

We have some big plans for the 4th of July, so, if we survive them look forward to a holiday post. :) And if you are here and want to try to brave the fireworks with us we wouldn't mind the company while we have to stand and wait forever with no bathrooms.


Gayle said...

Go Reuben! Get those boogers!

Tammy Lorna said...

I know it's hard for you to watch Reuben grow up, but just think of all of the wonderful stages you and Justin get to watch him go through :) I think it'll just get better Brecken :)

And go the strawberries! I had a bowl of fresh cut strawberries with passionfruit mixed in last week - it was wonderfully good. I think I'm going to have to add it to my existing list (watermellon, avocado & chocolate) of foods that will DEFINATELY be in heaven.

And what's SYTYCD?

Will be thinking about you on the 4th. It was just another day here - made me homesick for America and all my American friends :(

xo Tammy

PS. I always love reading about Reuben, but how are YOU?