Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Small Town America

Sunday night we noticed people marking and camping out on the Parade Path (which happens to be the busiest streets in our neighborhood--University Ave and 1st south to Center Street). I thought that was weird. When we lived on Center street they didn't start camping out until the night before, and I didn't sleep that night, because I heard a whole bunch of people yelling and laughing in my apartment--they weren't really but it sounded like it.

I was at the chiropractor (se hablan espanol) and they were asking everyone what the big plans were for the 4th, and one of the spanish speakers said, "Its just another day, it doesn't mean a thing to me." And then I thought of Justin. Well, not Justin, Cinco de Mayo. And then I thought, do I really care about the 4th of July?

So I was driving down university ave to get to the gym, and traffic was really really bad because there were a butt load of people camping on the side of the road, and I thought I guess I don't care about parades so maybe I don't care about the 4th of July.

Then I was at the gym and we were talking about our plans for the 4th, and I said I was waking up at 6, getting my boys ready and taking them to the hot air balloon race, and making ice cream. And then one of the other ladies said, "I wouldn't do that, its just a day without work.""So then I thought, maybe I do care about the 4th of July because I look forward to the Balloons and Ice cream.

Then we went to the neighborhood block party. They closed off 2nd east from 1st south to 2nd south and had a huge sound system set up in the middle of the street. We had a pot luck, and a big pig roaster (like the one that we used to have at the branch picnic, but the one here was fancier.) I chased Reuben around, and tried to protect him from the bike riders. But the dinner was very disappointing because we didn't bring any meat or paper ware. So we went home for a while. I ran some errands, and told Justin that he could go back if he wanted and I'd meet him there...and I thought I'll care about the 4th of July, not the 3rd.

Then I went back to the party, and we danced in the street, and then one of my Curves Trainers put on a helmet with two Roman Candles, and a Back pack with 6 Roman Candles, and she got on a bike, and they lite them all at the same time and she rode back and forth on the block while the sound system played patriotic Willie Nelson. And I thought, thats cool, I wouldn't do it, but its cool, and funny. So for a moment I cared about the third.

Now its 11 o'clock and I am going to wake up at 6 to take my boys to the hot air balloons. So, even though I don't like the big dumb patriotic program Provo does, and I think the way that some people treat the stadium of fire as a religious experience is silly, and there is no way you could get me to stand on the side of the road in 100 degree weather to watch some really slow moving vehicles drive by, I am glad that I got to see "rocket chick" and dance in the street and feel like I was in small town America for a night.

I wonder if they will have block parties in South Harlem...


Jessica said...

I hate parades! Uggh. I think my grandma has finally given up on making us all go to the 24th of July parade, and if she tries to make us go, I'll just make sure I "have to" work. Pretty sad when I'd rather work than go to a parade, but personally, I prefer air conditioning to 100+ degree heat and stupid floats.

Anonymous said...

July 5th 2007
Brecken when you were a child we could not go to parades because in our town not in Utah, almost all the parades were on Sunday. So you only ever went to four parades. One in Park City Utah when you were very young. One really small town parade in Nashwalk, MN. Where Miss Hill City sat on the top of a broken down car on a dirty blanket and waved. And one Tall Timber Days Parade in Grand Rapids. Courtlin was in a stroller and you girls ran out into the street with the Passi kids for the candy. Oh and there was one Judy Garland parade in Grand Rapids that you were in. I pulled all you girls in a wagon. And your dad followed us on the side of the road.

You need to reverence the 4th of July. You had three cousins who signed the declaration of Independence and many grandfathers who fought in the Revolutionary War so you could have freedom.

We attended the Flag raising at the church yesterday. The scouts raised the flag we pledged our allegiance to our Nation under God. Brother Strege read from President Benson’s book about the founding of our Nation and reminded us that the signing of the declaration was a spiritual declaration. Our rights come from God. We ate French toast cooked by the young women and enjoyed the company of other free people.

We made ice cream when Jordan and Courtlin were home. It was really really good as always.

When I was a kid on 8th East, we went a few doors down and played with sparklers with the Holdaway and Summerfield families. One year a spark from the sparkler she was lighting for one of the kids fell on the box of sparklers in my mothers lap. The whole box went off. My mothers dress and both her legs were burned. For several years after that we stopped using sparklers.