Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Being Sick

Reuben and I have been sick going on 6 days now. I never realized how crabby I get when I am sick until now. I am very crabby. Reub gets very demanding when he is sick, I knew that. We just haven't been sick together before, but with his demands coupled with my crabby we do not make a good team. He gets more demanding and I get more crabby.

He is currently in the high chair eating the grapes I peeled for him. I will get him out in a 15 minutes, then let him walk around demanding stuff for the next hour and 45 minutes and then the sweet peace of nap time comes. I can't wait for nap time!

1 comment:

The Jones :) said...

OH Brecken...what are you sick with?? Do you need anything?? Hope you both feel better soon...for your sake!! :)