Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Thanksgiving

I spent the morning making rolls (white and wheat), drying out the bread I made the night before for the bread stuffing, cutting vegetables for the stuffing, and making the green bean casserole. Daddy was moving into the apartment and keeping Reuben out of the kitchen, and periodically checking in to do dishes.

I love the processes of baking. Measuring, working it, helping along reactions, that sweet smell of yeast doing its job, cutting, rolling, trying to convince Reuben not to jump in the kitchen because the rolls need to rise. But most of all I love the rush when the timer rings, and I pull out the fluffy rolls that used to be powder and liquid and fat before I came along. Sis. Zizka's rolls received rave reviews, which always feels nice. My stuffing also received a compliment.

One of the guests at the dinner said, "He's thankful for pride." Meaning, all of us who contributed had a certain level of pride to maintain so everything at the table was going to the best. He was right, it was all delicious, I just wish we had had three different times to eat it all.

I was thinking about how thankful I am that we could have such an abundant meal. The meal was a representation of all of the things I am thankful for; means, hard work, ingenuity, contributions of loved ones, talents, instructions, telephones for asking questions of those who taught us, the internet for finding new recipes, etc.

We had a lovely thanksgiving. We are thankful for our friends, especially those we were able to spend it with. We hope your holiday was just as nice as ours!

Now, we have Christmas music playing all the time, and starting to get the Christmas decorations out and up.


Lark said...

Looks wonderful!

Is that a studio apartment? The Kitchen looks big, but then it may be the whole apartment.

Thanks for sharing. We missed you all very much!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh - I miss thanksgiving! I'm glad you had a lovely time though :)

charrette said...

So glad you were able to pull off such a fabulous feast. And i love the "Thankful for Pride" comment. So true.