Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pie Party

Last night we had a pie party, my first foray into digital scrapbooking produced the invite. I think I might like it for this kind of thing, but probably will never do actual scapbooking digitally. (And I most definitely will not invest any money in it.) But, I once said that about paper scrapbooking, and I had to eat crow.

I spent the day making pie and doing dishes. Pecan, pumpkin, lemon meringue, German chocolate, and the hit: apple with Gruyere baked into the crust a la Pushing Daisies.

Justin spent the day unpacking and cleaning. He made a huge dent, and we are closer to being completely moved in. I have had a hard time unpacking because I envision a shelving/cabinet system to have a place for everything, but we don't have that so I'd rather just leave everything in the boxes. Justin, however found places to put things.

Reuben spent the day bouncing back and forth between us, and watching "Frosty the Christmas Story" which could mean any of those "classic" Chirstmas movies. He was bathed and clean 15 minutes before we were expecting people, but we let him wander for a minute and he drew a cat face. He was waiting for the party, because all he wanted was pie, and as soon as I grabbed the camera to take a picture of him waiting patiently he pretended to be asleep.

We had a nice to talking and sharing pie. There was something weird with the Xbox (we haven't tried to play it) so we couldn't play Karaoke Revolution (which was the wish of Justin's heart.) But he did get to play Scene It, so I consider the night a success.

I am thankful for a space that we can do this more often. We used to have "parties" all the time, and I look forward to making them more regular.


Lark said...

A family tradition carried on by the children. That is wonderful! Your Grandma and Grandpa always called on thanksgiving and asked what kind of pie your dad had made. They always had lots of pie and everyone who came to their house had to bring a home made pie. Your are doing an exceptional job carrying on.

Tammy Lorna said...

I was grateful that Justin invited me to your pie party - even if I couldn't come! :) Glad you had a good night, and I'm glad you're getting to keep all your traditions! woo-hoo for new apartments!
xo Tammy

Jessica said...

I miss your pies. They're very tasty. Wish I could have been there.

Tonya said...

Digital scrapping is fun! There's ton of free stuff out there so you probably could get away without spending money on it. The pies look yummy too!

JoMama said...

I loved all the pictures from the past week. Thanksgiving feast looks delicious, I swear I can smell it from here! And the invitations you made are super cute!