Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Apartment: The Kitchen

Our new kitchen is essentially the same as our old kitchen with a few minor differences. Here are pictures of our old kitchen if you needed a reminder.

Upgrade: DEEPER SINK. about 6 inches deeper. Our last sink was about 4 inches deep which was frustrating and really annoying. Now we have a deep lovely sink.

Downgrade: The sink faucet is one with nobs instead of a lever, and the water pools under the nobs and makes black stuff around the bottom. When I am in charge of my sink I am going to have a deep double sink, one side with a garbage disposal, and a lever to turn the water on and off.

Upgrade: more counter space, not very much more, but more the same. This is made possible by having the fridge by the door, and the oven where the fridge was.

Upgrade: Because the fridge and oven are in different places, you can have someone in the fridge while the other person is trying to use the stove/oven. I haven't felt trapped or claustrophobic in the new kitchen, and all three of us have been in there at one time.
Upgrade: No grate on the window to block what little light would make it to the window.

Upgrade: its just the tiniest bit wider.

Upgrade: fridge is a better design for our needs.

Upgrade: more drawers. The top cupboards aren't as tall, but the space overall is better suited for our needs.

Upgrade: The silly tiles aren't cracked. The tiles in front of the fridge and oven were cracked downstairs, and the cracks would pitch me feet.

I am thankful for lots up upgrades! Wanna come cook in it?

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Tammy Lorna said...

I want to come and SEE the Cooks :)

xo Tammy