Friday, March 28, 2008

Protecting his eyes

I put some lunch in the microwave yesterday, and left to work for the 5 minutes. Reuben stayed in the kitchen... This is what I found.
He pulled out the cooler, so he could see into the microwave, and found some goggles to protect his eyes.
(he also got into some chips).


Courtlin said...

He is sooo...funny. I am excited to be there for all of this stuff. :D

Mindy said...

How cute. I'd be careful if he can reach the microwave. I'm just waiting for the day one of mine throws a fork in and pushes start. This is such a great picture though. Looks like he's helped you cook before--just kidding. :)

emilysuze said...

That is such a stinkin' cute picture of him!