Friday, March 28, 2008

Please pass a girl.

I love Reuben to bits, I love how "boy" he is. I love watching him run around in circles, and do kicks and jump and do summersaults. I love how great of a thrower he is. I think its so funny that he can't resist picking up a rock, or playing in the dirt, and is always upset his hands are dirty afterward.
But I've noticed a major lack of resources for my hobbies that produce things for boys. I look, and things are either too ugly, or wierd, so then I stop looking for boy stuff, and look at everything. The "cute" patterns are always so tempting that I have to make them, and then I have stuff too cute for Reuben to wear.

Alena, I hope you want a really cute white cotton hat.


The Jones :) said...

Are you hinting something?? :) I'd love for a girl to come next too...but we'll see I guess!!! Whenever that happens!!
Love ya

breckster said...

Nope... not hinting... I'll just borrow someone else's.

Talyn said...

I do.