Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why we won't tell you to do the brooklyn bridge the way everyone else tells you to do it.

Today we were tourists, and it made us very thankful that we only have to be tourists every once in a while, instead of for a couple days in a row.

I checked the mta website this morning for service advisories, there were none listed for the trains that we needed to use. Turns out there were, and they were confusing, and there was no way we could go to where we were going. So, it took us three trains, and 7 extra blocks to get to Grimaldi's.

This morning when I was making our plans my gut said, "even though everyone says you need to go to Grimaldi's as part of your Brooklyn bridge trip, you will find it annoying and disappointing." I asked Justin if he really wanted to go, he said yes, so we ignored my gut. We got to a line (below) and realized the line was for Grimaldi's, and my gut said, "you are going to wait in this line and then be disappointed."

So we waited 40 minutes, got a too small table, in a crowded LOUD small dining area, waited 25 minutes to order, waited 20 minutes to get our pizza. For all that you'd expect the pizza to taste like heaven. Well, it was fine...not worth all the hassle. We've had as good if not better New York style pizza in our own neighborhood. Plus, I'm not sold on the thin crust, barely any toppings pizza (just another thing that proves I'm a Midwesterner).

Reuben took this bite, and my gut proved to be correct. He threw up... almost immediately. Justin held him close since he suddenly got very cuddly, and Reuben proceeded to empty his stomach into Daddy's chest, shoulder and arm. Justin tried to clean up as discreetly as possible so the the British family one foot to our left and the New England Patriots fans one foot to our right (no exageration) would not be disturbed. Rest assured--the Grimaldi's experience will go down in history as a memorable one. Justin said he had to have the experience, but he admittedly points out the word "experience" doesn't necessarily mean pleasantries--especially when Grimaldi's was talked up as being the BEST pizza in New York, and Justin felt like a rat in a maze just trying to maneuver out of there. Justin suggests you go to that other place on Amsterdam near 122nd--we can't remember the name--but there are perks such as no lines and spaces the you can walk through without squeezing sideways. And there are NUMEROUS options instead of just beer and pizza and spamoni. (All of the aformentioned suggestions and opinions coming from my sweet husband.)

I took Reuben out, and let Just take care of the check. I got him into his stroller, reclined the seat, and he fell asleep. Justin did some more clean up once we were outside. We decided to still make the walk across the bridge.

Its a lovely bridge, and it was wonderful weather. Reuben slept for the whole bridge, only woke up when we were on the train. (another confusing transfer because the 2 and the 3 are not running this weekend). He threw up twice on the A train. We were lucky I packed a brand new box of wipes. It was pretty contained, so no one reacted horribly. We transferred to the 1, and were almost ready to get off, when he threw up again.

We bathed him, and he is asleep (after throwing up all over the floor.)

I don't think it was Grimaldi's that made him sick because his diaper was completely dry after 6 hours of being out. The only problem is we are singing in a small group tomorrow, and I don't want to have to take Reuben to church to get everyone else sick. Lets hope what ever it is gets out of his system tonight.

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emilysuze said...

The bridge is absolutely magnificent! But now I know that Grimaldi's is not so magnificent.

Hope Reuben's tummy is feeling better.