Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stake Choir

I read the back of the program in hopes that I will be intrigued to do something every Sunday. I've never been to enrichment as often as I have here, I think it has something to do with how lonely living in such a large city makes me. So many people... so little friends. (I do not mean to diminish the friends I do have here, you are wonderful and I adore you, I just think I need more or deeper connections.)

Well, this week there was a small little blurb about stake choir. As you remember I've been thinking about the disappearance of singing, so I made us go. We were the only couple from our ward there, the only couple there, and from the way everyone acted the only ones with a child. The director was wonderful, Reuben did very well and only distracted people who couldn't not watch him run around (quietly) in circles. The time was well spent, and the music was challenging but doable. And, as always, it is so nice to sit next to someone who has a lovely voice because it brings out the best in mine. I had a wonderful time. I'm kind of sad it will only be for the next two weeks.

Who would like to sit with Reuben at stake conference?


Lark said...

Family in the City.

You and sister Belnap are 2nd cousins 1 time removed. Your common ancestors are Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES.

Your children and the Belnap children are 3rd cousins 1 time removed. Their common ancestors are Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES.

Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES are the parents of Amy Ella and Eva. Ella is your great grandmother and Eva is sister Belnap's grandmother.

Jed and Kate said...

I would LOVE to sit with Reuben at Stake Conference!! And, if you have another practice after my parents have left town (4/7), I would love to watch him for you during the rehearsal. Just let me know!

Tammy Lorna said...

So Brecken... basically you're saying that your stake choir is full of single women and MEN.... hmmmm....

So I'm thinking of coming to visit for your stake conference...


SO glad you're doing a little singing. Enjoying it?!

xo Tammy