Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hiatus over. January means time to brag on Reuben.

I realized that my hiatus from recording our lives should be over. No matter how plain our life has become--a thing I am extremely grateful for--if it's not written down somewhere I won't remember it. Also, I need to resurrect this so it doesn't look like the only reason I started again was the baby. 

Reuben is now 9! He is a remarkable child, and my mommy goggles don't even have to be that thick to believe that. He is an avid reader, he loves to be read to, to read to Simeon, and to read to himself. He read Hatchet, which I was supposed to read in 6th grade but couldn't comprehend or finish. He even reads his scriptures every night before he lets himself read the novel he is working on. He thinks he isn't good at math, but after he is taught principles and practices he passes the tests without a problem. He is playing the piano, and successfully practicing and improving. 

He is a pretty shy guy outside of our own home. He doesn't enjoy impressing people with his talents, and refuses to in most cases. He is a bit tight lipped about his feelings and what happens during his day--but I can't really blame him for that because he gets it from me. But as his mother I do wish I didn't have to pry so much or worry about him just because I don't know what he is thinking or worrying about. 

He wakes up each morning and comes to get a cuddle. That little bit of affection sets him up for the rest of the day, and if for some reason we sleep in and miss that it is apparent for the rest of the day. 

He is so helpful. He accepts more responsibility without question, and he is constantly concerned about helping simeon and me. We love having him home because he really does just make our life better by being here. 

We had a little glimmer of an idea that he would be amazing when he was born, but it is still a surprise how wonderful he is. 
His birthday was evidence of his sweetness. I had woken up early to finish up his birthday cake. He wanted German chocolate--I made it from scratch. He came down and sat down by me on the couch. He was excited that it was his birthday, but in the way Reuben gets excited, which is understated. He let daddy and Simeon sleep, patiently waiting to open presents. We didn't have any candles. We sang and ate cake without candles. He opened the small pile of presents with gratitude and no comment on how few there were. Then it was off to school. While Reuben was at school simeon and I went to find a present for Simeon to give him. We found some lego things and Simeon couldn't wait for Reuben to get home to give them to him. When the time came Reuben  was so happy that he didn't even take off his coat before playing with the Legos. He wanted pigs in a blanket for his birthday dinner and peas and macaroni and cheese. Then we went to the 7 o'clock showing of alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day, which was enjoyable and kept us out way past bedtime. It was a simple day and didn't seem to celebrate him enough, but he was gracious and grateful. 

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Kay Jones said...

I've missed reading your blog. So glad you are back on. When is the new baby due?
Your boys look delightful. Sons are pretty special, but then, so are daughters!