Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gotcha Game

Simeon invented a game. It started out simple, like most games invented by five year olds. The object was to say "I love you" before the other guy thought to say it. We played the game while Justin and Reuben were at work and school, they were missing out. It was sweet.

Then Simeon noticed that it was actually a game we were playing and found great pleasure in winning, so added "Gotcha." Now if you were the first to say "I love you" you followed it up with "Gotcha." "I love you. Gotcha." If I won, he would moan and then say, "I love you, too." But I didn't win that often.

Simeon noticed that I wasn't winning often so he started giving me a heads up. "Heads up. I love you. Gotcha." By this time it was no fun to just play it with me, so the game continued when Reuben and Justin got home. Reuben started playing.

At bedtime, I'll hear Reuben yell from his bed, "Mom, Heads up. I love you. Gotcha." I hear Simeon say, "Reuben, Heads up..." and then Reuben jumps in with "I love you. Gotcha." and then they say "Jinx."

It's a great game. The only problem is, now when someone says "I love you" first. The other guy groans and says "I was going to say that."