Monday, March 2, 2015

It is March!

We have been looking forward to March 2015 for quite some time. My sister, Courtlin, returns from her mission! Her year and a half long service has been a great example to the boys and us, and it has been so sweet to hear my boys pray for her and ask about her, and write her letters. It has not been sweet not to see her for a year and a half. We did go long spans of time not seeing family while living in New York, but this has been the longest.

The other reason is WE ARE HAVING A BABY THIS MONTH! It is hard to believe that it is really happening. I've been worried about him, and paying attention to his kicking, and going to the doctor, and praying for him, but for some reason he isn't really real yet. Could be if he is real the worry would overwhelm me, or it's just connected to the fact that I hate anticipation and really try to avoid it at all costs (even if it is something I have desperately been wanting.) We are ready for him to come, except we can't find the Ergo. I packed it somewhere really smart during the move, and since we had little hope of pregnancy, I wasn't thinking we would need to find it easily. But, the clothes are washed and ready to be folded, the bed is set up, and the car seat is clean. I just need to buy some diapers and we are set (except that ergo)! It may be Justin's job to keep looking for the Ergo, while he has some paternity leave.

I am also getting a crown this month. I know, exciting stuff. I broke a tooth in December eating a Candy Cane Jo Jo--a chocolate covered oreo-like cookie from Trader Joe's with candy cane chunks on the chocolate and in the cream filling. I hate to waste money on stupid stuff like teeth--I'd much rather just have healthy teeth, but that is the way the cookie crumbled.

Our stake is doing a musical production called, Lamb of God. It is a musical production about the last week of Christ's life. I will admit that I think it misses a few important things, like any thing based on the book is sure to do, it has been fun to work on. The whole family is involved, me in the choir with baby in belly, and the boys in the children's choir. Justin is singing the role of John the beloved. (He sounds great, and all the ladies that know he is my husband tell me every week how much they love his voice.) We have been working on it for weeks now, and look forward to having our sunday nights back. The performance is March 13th and 14th.

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Kay Jones said...

I'm excited that you are having a #3 son. What a wonderful family you are having. I'm so grateful for the large family I was privileged to have. Every one is a blessing.