Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Grape Vine

We accidentally bought a house on April Fool's Day.

We had been casually looking at houses as a favor to my cousin who just got her Realtor license. We were her practice, mostly because I was convinced that we weren't ready to buy a house. But Justin saw a house on the hotsheet and said we needed to look at it. We went up and looked at it that night, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to find reasons not to buy it. While we were leaving, Our Realtor got a call from the seller's agent.

There were two offers already on the house, and if we wanted to be considered we would have to have a final best offer in by 1 the next day (which happened to be April 1). We went at 9 AM and got the qualification letter for a loan, then wrote an offer that was what we could afford instead of what would win in a bidding war. Thinking, at least this was good practice, and we would now be ready to buy a house when one came along. We submitted our offer at 12:30. At 2:30 we found out that they accepted our offer.

We were under contract less then 24 hours after seeing the house.

There have been so many blessings along the way, and I took some convincing that we should actually follow through with it, but it was made clear to me that this was one of those times where I had to trust the Lord's Timeline. It is just opposite than my usual trial of trusting--I didn't even know I wanted this blessing, but it is time for it and the Lord wants us to trust him and do what we need to do to receive it.

I hate the idea of leaving our ward. I hate the idea of leaving our elementary school. I hate the idea of packing and moving.

I love the idea of having this house for our family. I love the idea of putting roots down. I love the idea of watching my family grow and fill this house with love and light. And throwing parties in the back yard in the covered RV Pad.

There is a front room. You can see the dining room table from the front door, but it is through a doorway. The kitchen is not tiny but not huge, but it had an appliance cabinet on the counter with outlets in it! There is a family room four steps down from the dining room. There is a fully fenced back yard. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and cold storage area in the basement, and a master suit, two bedrooms and a bathroom a few steps up from the front room. The neighborhood is lovely, with two ways to get to it, one you drive by some "ponds" and a botanical research center, and the other by a giant orchard. (My minnesotan heart loves that fact). My utah heart loves the fact that we still see pretty mountains from our street.

We are hoping all continues to go well, and we will move May 10th.


Michael said...

Congrats you guys! How exciting!

I hope you post pictures soon.

Kay Jones said...

It sounds like you are making a wise choice. Much luck to you. Putting down roots is important, even if you have to change those 'roots' several times.

Tammy Lorna said...

So excited! Good luck packing this week! (Way more fun than travelling to Cambodia...)


Tammy Lorna said...

So! Is it time for the 'introducing our new house in photos' and 'how the move went' posts yet?!!! :) :) :)

Missing you and obviously in need of a Brecken update.... :)
xo Tammy