Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip Prep

I'm preparing for a road trip to Minnesota. I'll be going with the boys and my sister and her roommate. So, I'm preparing, two days in a car is a long time.

I saw this great idea on pinterest. But when I went to buy supplies, I saw half size pillows (travel pillows) for three dollars. So, I bought the yard of fabric and a pillow for each boy. Since the pillow case didn't need to be as big, and I had the fabric, I wanted a pocket for a blanket, so when the blankets aren't in use they could have a place to go, instead of taking up room in the whole car.

The boys picked out their own fabrics, so they aren't as sleek and pretty as I would have chosen, but I'm thinking it will be pretty great. There is a pillow case (in the back) a pocket in the middle, and a large pocket for the blanket, and a little pocket on the front. Two handles, and a little flap on the top.

I'll let you know how they actually work in practice, but I was pretty proud of this.


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Tammy Lorna said...

Love (love love) these bags Brecken :) SOO creative :)

xo Tammy