Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My kids have a cool dad

We celebrated father's day early, because we aren't going to be together on father's day. My children are very lucky to have the father they do, for many reasons. But, this is one of them: he's goofy. Having a goofy dad is really fun when you are little. He not only let's you hula hoop in the aisle at target, he does it with you. He plays with you. He tells funny stories. He does hilarious dances. Justin is constant entertainment. Sure, he has his serious side, but not many people can play charades, and do all the acting, and just get funnier when people start to laugh. Being goofy is one of my most cherished talents in my husband. And I dread the day with the boys don't recognize how lucky they are to have a goofy dad.

Cool dad

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