Saturday, June 23, 2012

Road Trip Miracles

IMG_0658 IMG_0659IMG_0660IMG_0661IMG_0665IMG_0666IMG_0667IMG_0668IMG_0669
The boys were quiet and kind the whole two days of driving.
Reuben only threw up once and he warned me it was going to happen so I was able to get the tupperware thing to him in time.
Jordan and I never argued.
Amanda drove the hard parts both days and didn't complain.
The laptop volume was loud enough to hear, because the mini jack to mini jack cord I bought was too short.
No one spilled anything in the new van.
 We got to Grandma and Grandpa's house with no breakdowns (vehicular or emotional).
Amanda liked the popcorn that was really too spicy for me to eat.
The van is kind of fun to drive (even if it is a mom car).


Michael said...

Welcome to Minnesota.

Congrats on the new van. I'd take a minivan over our sedan any day. Way more room, you can carry stuff, and if you're lucky, there's a roof rack!

Becki said...

Yay for Minivans!!! I love ours!! :) Glad you made it and I hope you're having a great time!!! Which way did you drive?? The northern route!?!?! We're going next month...(will you still be there)... :) :) :)...but wondering which way to go!! Have a GREAT visit!!! Wish we could be there to play too!!
Love ya Phatty!!! :)