Monday, December 12, 2011

Zoo Lights

2011_12_09 001
2011_12_09 002

It was a cold-for-Utah night, but we braved it for a free cookie and some lights at the zoo. True, most of the animals were asleep, but Santa was there with some reindeer, the carousel was running, and we had hot chocolate.

I'm finding that there are plenty of convincing Santa's around, but Macy's in New York has ruined me for backdrops. Taped up posters, don't shine a candle to the giant wood carvings. But, I don't think the boys noticed that, they were happy to talk to Santa. Reuben told him about how he wanted to grow up to be a scientist. Simeon talked for a bit, and Reuben interpreted. 

2011_12_09 007

a 2011_12_09 027
a 2011_12_09 036
2011_12_09 047
2011_12_09 049


Mick said...

Looks like one of the sleeping animals is on Justin's head.

Lark said...

Are you giving socks for Christmas? I always have.