Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec. 4: Go See Santa at Macy's

Go See Santa 2009_12_4 001
To tell you the truth, I was dreading this day of the Christmas-activity-a-day project. That scene from "A Christmas Story" just kept running through my head. I've never been to see Santa at a department store, I had no idea (other than from movies) what it would be like. I saw Santa a few times at the Forest History Center. We would always wait to be very last so we could have as much time with Santa as he could stand, and there were never more than 40 people there.

We were supposed to meet our preschool group, but got a late start. We got up to the 8th floor of Macy's and joined the "Macy's Santa Parade" as Reuben calls it. It is way more fun to be in a slow moving parade, then wait on line. (How did you like that New Yorkers, on line.) One of the elves noticed Reuben was holding the letter he wrote yesterday, and asked him about it. I will admit, but only because we are dear friends, that I teared up. I'm not sure why. It might be that it is nice to be noticed when you are surrounded by too many people. Maybe that gesture relieved some tension about mean elves, and pushing children down slides. It might be the thought that my kid gets to do something that most kids only dream about. But most likely, for that brief moment I could feel what Reuben was feeling and it was a distant memory.

Well, for those of you who don't know, when you go to see the Macy's Santa, you get to see him in a little room with two elves. They don't rush you, Santa has a nice little conversation with your three-year old, and it is worth the long parade to get those moments. (Almost worth it enough that I might want to go again so Justin could go with us--but it probably won't be as awe inspiring for Reuben the second time.) Santa kept asking Reuben what was on his list, and Reuben did his blank-stare/say-"uh" thing. Reuben doesn't have a list. I finally interjected, with "What did you want to ask for Chirstmas?" and with out skipping a beat he said, "a baby Elmo." Santa repeated it and made eye contact with me.

Why it couldn't be a baby big bird, or grover, or cookie monster I don't know... the kid has expensive taste. I doubt you have been pricing sesame street plush toys, so I'll let you in on a secret, Elmo costs the most, at least twice as much as same-size other character dolls. So, now "Santa" is looking for a just plain plush elmo doll, no giggling or wiggling, plastic or batteries.


Lark said...

Love the pictures!

Talyn said...

I'm so glad it was a good experience. Last year I wouldn't even wait in the South Towne Mall line. What a scrooge I know. I was already there and everything.

Why kids love Elmo when he's the most obnoxious to listen to and has the most boring personality of all of the Sesame Street characters beats me. OK, maybe Big Bird is more boring, but not as obnoxious.

Heidi said...

So cute! I love your description of the experience. It makes me want to run out to try it but I think next year we'll plan in the "parade" :) What a sweet moment and the pictures turned out great. Your boys both look good on Santa's lap!
(Also, I found Lilly's little plush toy Elmo at Target for $6. It is small, but did the job for us as a reward for giving up the binkey.) Good luck my friend!!

Mackenzie said...

Brecken - that is hilarious. Lucas did the same thing - he was totally speechless when he saw Santa and could barely bring himself to ask for the thing he wanted. I think he and Reuben are making the same faces in our Santa pics....LOL

charrette said...


You must think Miracle on 34th Street instead of A Christmas Story when you're en route to Macy's.

And you must give huge hugs to Sandy and Neil from me when they arrive. We had the most delightful visit here. I'm excited for them to see NY with you.

Amber F said...

Reuben really looks like he's in a daze in those pictures. You're such a nice mom to take your boys to meet Santa. I can honestly say that I have never, ever done that, with any of my kids. At least I'm consistant. Good luck finding a cheapo Elmo.

Tammy Lorna said...

Hey Brecken - it all looks so fabulous :) I loved 'A Christmas Story', and I only saw it in my last year at BYU :) Totally cracked me up!

You're right though, this one looks like a much nicer, better experience. And Reuben's face is just such a classic! I love it :)

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

Brecken! I just read mum and Dad's blog and realize that they're there with you now! I'M SOOO TOTALLY JEALOUS! Grrrr! Make sure you all get lots of hugs from them, from me :)
xo Tammy

The Mason Family said...

I just found this post after posting our experience at Macy's- hilarious that we both went in thinking about the Christmas Story scene! Glad you guys had a good time too- you had a way better Santa than we did!

Lisa Brown said...

That is so awesome! You are definitely making unique and amazing memories while in NY.