Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dec. 5: Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Just in time for our visitors from the south(ern hemisphere) it snowed today. While I didn't take Reuben out in it, we did watch it snow from the window. We sang christmas songs and watched it snow.

Simeon and I went on a special date to the Stake Christmas Concert. (Justin was helping with a shoot, and Reuben stayed home with our travel worn visitors.) While I wish I was singing, it was nice to enjoy some good music, and clap enthusiastically in the chapel. One of the songs was a mother son duet, I now have a dream to do that someday. Would your stake presidency and most of the high council sing for your stake? I'm just saying there are somethings you can only find in New York.

While I was mildly (tammy you are allowed to read majorly) disappointed that they hadn't stuffed Tammy in their suitcase, I look forward to our time with them. Its so nice to have that extra love in our home. (Not to mention the Chocolate, Milo, and Tim Tams.)


Talyn said...

Our stake Christmas sing-along usually includes a Stake priesthood leadership choir.

Yay for snow!

Tammy Lorna said...

If it wasn't for all that Milo and Tim tams, I might have fit! Haha :) I really am jealous you know! In the next week or two I am definitely finalizing dates and buying tickets fory own trip next year.

Give mum and dad a big hug from me :)

xo Tammy