Monday, December 12, 2011

Living Nativity

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My great friend posted on facebook, that her stake puts on a living nativity. She reported that last year they had yaks. So, of course we jumped at the chance to go. Well, I was expecting a little something set up in the parking lot. As we got closer to the chapel, cars lined the street, and people clogged the sidewalks and cross walks. That was our first clue that this was going to be bigger than we expected.

Reuben wasn't feeling 100% so he got the stroller and Justin carried Simeon, and we got in the line. Centurions stood guard at the entrance of the park trail. There were chickens, a camel, fires, and costumed people lining the path. We followed the line and made it to the main event. Reuben and I made our way up to the front of the crowd as people left. It was lovely to observe him. He was just fascinated, and unaware of anything but the scene in front of us. 

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