Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swimming Suit

I had just discovered that my trusty swimsuit of 5 years had been eaten by chlorine. Boy, was I disappointed  because: 1. Swim suits are expensive and 2. who wants to buy something expensive that makes you look terrible.

Later that week we were at Target, and had 45 minutes. I quickly skimmed the clearance rack. Given my size, and the clearance selection I didn't expect to find anything, and then there it was. My size. One piece. Black. I didn't have time to try it on. So, I threw caution to the wind, and bought it. 20 bucks for a swim suit that said it was my size, on the first day of looking, and no drama of having to look in the mirror and try and figure out what it would look like without my underwear sticking out and convincing myself that maybe, just maybe there would be a different suit that made me look 150 pounds lighter.  To those buy and return types this is a big deal for me, I hate having to return stuff.

Yesterday we went swimming with Jordan. And there I was with my new swimming suit. It fit. It looked as good as a swimming suit could look on me. And, I had so much fun swimming with my boys and sister. (and had I not just bought the thing I wouldn't have been able to do that.)

The moral: If you need it, and going to look bad, you might as well just skip the stress and do it the easy way.


M. Moore said...

Amen. Just the incentive I needed.

Kay Jones said...

Love this. Love your sense of humor!!!