Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dinner with Grandma

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We went to have dinner with my grandma last night. She is usually in Washington, but in Salt Lake for the summer. She will be 90 next month.

Reuben is named after her dad (and son). So, she told Reuben a bit about her dad. He drove a truck for the state. He would walk two miles to town, to get the truck. Drive it all day, then walk the two miles back home. He had a large family and had to do what he had to. And the state was paying then.

Jordan asked her if she wore fingernail polish, (because my nails were looking good). And yes she did. She was a beautician. Her cousin went to beauty school and came home with romantic stories so she and her sister went. When asked if she liked it, she said, "I guess. I didn't know any better." She said, "I wasn't very imaginative. Someone would tell me they did something, and I'd decide to do it."

This is a very telling statement about my Grandma. She has great ability. She can see something, decide to do it, and then do it--successfully. She might not think she was imaginative, but she has great ability. Not everyone can decide to do whatever they see and then do it. And, this realization made me feel good about myself. Because I am much like her in that aspect. I'm not that great at coming up with my own ideas, but I can see something, and then do it.


Kay Jones said...

Aren't you lucky to have a grandma that old, and that sharp. I love the pictures.

Cara Larose said...

Turning 90 and still going strong! The kids are so lucky that they get to have a grandma who is so imaginative and cool! I wish they get to have more fun experience with her too!