Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daddy and Reuben's Day Out

Several Sunday's ago, Reuben found a pamphlet for Lagoon at Church. Turns out, it was the stake discount day at lagoon coupon. We went back and forth on what we would do with it, and the night before decided that if Lagoon was ever going to happen it would have to be with a discount, so Daddy took Reuben. (And don't worry, Simeon and I did not feel left out).

Reuben is 46 inches tall, exactly, so all the rides were open to him. They had a wonderful time. Reuben told be there were only two rides he didn't like. The haunted house thing (Dracula's Mansion), and the White Roller Coaster. Those were the same two that I don't like the most.

Reuben started to cry on the white Roller Coaster, and Justin was able to see it from his perspective and got scared himself. When they got off, Justin apologized, and Reuben forgave him. Justin decided he wouldn't try to convince Reuben to ride anything else. Reuben did want to "just look" at some of the other coasters.

They reported to me that they had a great time. Reuben loved Rattle Snake Rapids, and the spinning rides. They got home around 11, very tired, but happy they spent the day together.

I'm glad that Reuben could have the experience, and I didn't have to take him--because daddy is much braver when it comes to amusement parks.

Thank you Jocelyn for the Photos!

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