Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day

Gift giving is getting fun with Reuben. I took him on a father's day present search. He had been talking about a "Disney Game" because daddy would like that. I'm not 100% sure what he meant by disney game, but he was right, daddy would like playing a disney game--especially if it was the scene it variety.

Our first stop was Ross, because Simeon and I were going to get him some shirts. We went back to the toys section, and there they were. Not a disney game, but a transformer cars. Justin practically cried when he got a transformer for Christmas, and Reuben knew this was the thing. So, he picked one out of the three.

All week, Reuben tried his best to keep the secret. He'd whisper stuff to himself, and then say something like, "Don't ask me what I said it was about father's day." Every day he asked how many more days until father's day. And then the morning came.

We made daddy a green chili egg bake, Reuben helped. The boys didn't love it, but I'm pretty sure Daddy did. Then it was open presents and off to church. Justin was pleased, and knew exactly what to do with his new transformer, get the other one out and play with Reuben.

2011_06_22 005

We are lucky to have such a wonderful father in our house. He is a great protector, provider, and nurturer. He loves us, and we love him. The boys look forward to "Daddy's free day" and he does too (though he loves his job--we are lucky he loves us more than it or we would never see him.)We appreciate all the work he does for us, and are glad he is our dad.

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Kay Jones said...

Love this, and appreciate a daddy who will get down and play with his children. What a blessing he will be to you forever.