Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Go Blow An Egg

We tried to blow eggs once when I was a kid. It was traumatizing. The taste of raw egg, the pain in my nose (when I blow most of it comes out my nose and hurts, that is why I never blow up balloons.) I remember one of my sisters crying in frustration. Needless to say I don't remember trying to blow eggs more than once.

Well, I have some semi-elaborate plans for egg dying this year so I thought I would try it, the trauma having worn off a bit. If I am going to do semi-elaborate I'm not going to be cracking my work. Besides, I barely like hard boiled eggs, and really don't like them when they are discolored because of Easter egg dying.

So I started with our breakfast eggs. Martha Stewart's website says to use an exacto knife, I couldn't do it without cracking the big side when trying to get the whole on that side. A pin works best. Insert it, and gently chip around the little hole until your hole is the right size. The hole on the big side needs to be a little bigger to allow the egg to shoot out. Make sure that you poke the yoke and wiggle the pin around a bit to break apart the membrane, otherwise you will crack the bottom the the egg.

2011_04_20 037

Use a snot sucker, baby blue bulb thing. I read about a few suggestions, one being a syringe without the needle on it (I was going to try the medicine measure syringes from Target.) But the snot sucker worked before I needed to try anything else.
2011_04_20 039

We had four eggs in our omelet this morning, with some basil, tomatoes, chives, and cheese. And, now, I have four blown eggs.
2011_04_20 041

You do have to close the holes before you dye the eggs, otherwise the dye goes in the holes and you get a huge mess. You can use melted wax, or white glue.


Kay Jones said...

I tried to do this a couple of times, never was able to do it. Your instructions sound good.

Erika Hill said...

Are you going to silk dye them? I've seen some awesome silk dying tutorials, and I want to try them someday when it's more than me and Brent that will appreciate them...

Amber F said...

First of all, you must be crazy to be trying this with your two boys to "help" you. And second, I didn't see your sister in Atlanta. I know for sure that she wasn't our guide, and there were so many people, so I'm pretty sure I didnt' see her. I would have looked at her and said 'you look so familiar, do I know you?' She probably would have thought I was crazy!

Talyn said...

Hello, Amber, sister in Atlanta here. There were at least 3 people I had never seen before telling me I looked familiar to them at the temple open house. You just should have joined them. :)