Friday, April 15, 2011

Pass, Pass, Fail

Pass: Quilted Throw Pillow
2011_04_15 007

2011_04_15 008

2011_04_15 012

2011_04_15 022
I went to the fabric store to find a piece to match a roll of fat quarters I found really cheap at Tuesday Morning. Well, they were having a sale on fat quarters, and pillows, so I took the chance. I used this tutorial for the quilt pieces. It was really easy, and fun to see it work as I went. I cut my squares to 7 inches, the sashing I cut to an inch, for a 16 by 16 pillow. (the next pillow I do won't have the sashing, instead a wider border so they look similar but not the same. I made the envelope back, the next one I do will have a wider overlap.) I love it. It looks like I spent weeks on it, but I really did it in about 6 hours. Hurray, Pass!

Pass: Banana Cake
Not as pretty, but way more delicious. I made this cake from scratch, and I made the adjustments for high altitude, and it is the first thing I've baked here that turned out right. I used the picnic blanket cookbook recipe. Everyone loved it. Yippee: Pass!
2011_04_15 026
Fail: Melting Pot
2011_04_15 028
I was steaming tamales for dinner last night. I filled the pot with water, put the steamer basket on the top of my pan (it came with the pot and fits perfect). I put it on to steam, then half way through moved it to the back burner which we haven't used much. I checked the water level, then put it to boil. 8 minutes into boiling it smelled like I was doing stained glass, and the bottom of my pot was bubbling and leaking out! AFTER 10 MINUTES on that burner on MED HIGH. It was my favorite pot. Boo: Fail.


Morgan said...

cute pillow!

that cake looks YUM!

and that is really weird about your pot....

glad you guys are doing well!

Tammy Lorna said...

LOVE the cushion! Looks fabulous :)

And the cake looks DELICIOUS. Would love to have a slice.

And your failure... well, your failure made me laugh out loud :) So at the very least, you can be glad that your homemaker-stumble brightened my day :)

xo tammy

Kay Jones said...

Your pillows are gorgeous, and the cake looks good too. As far as the pan goes, you did something NEW! After all, life is just moving from crisis to crisis. My mother-in-law told me that one 50 years ago, and she was so very right. Love you all!