Monday, April 25, 2011

There Is No Easter Bunny

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We do Easter baskets on Saturday, so we have kind of two different holidays (like we do for Christmas Eve and Christmas).Reuben, during the weeks before, was very insistent that there was no Easter Bunny, that it was just mommy and Daddy. And since we won't out right lie, we may lie by omission but not commission, we've been trying to convince him that it is fun to pretend, and he need's to so that Simeon has a chance to have an Easter Bunny.

Regardless, Reuben was very excited to look for and find his basket, and help Simeon.

We then got ready and headed down to American Fork for an Easter Egg hunt and Lunch with Justin's brother. The boys had so much fun playing with cousins, and it was nice to see J and K again.
a 2011_04_24 027
Reuben had a hard time waiting the couple of seconds to let the littlest kids have a head start. He's not used to being one of the older kids, or being with enough kids that there are older kids and younger kids.
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Simeon found one, opened it, found a jelly bean to pop in his mouth, and was off to play in the car.
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a2011_04_24 041
Reuben helped Simeon out by putting the eggs that overflowed from his basket into Simeon's.
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a 2011_04_24 050
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After lunch we jumped in the car to drive to North Salt Lake, for an Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner with My Aunt, Grandma, Sisters, Cousins and their kids.

It was the same thing, Simeon found one egg, wanted to eat the contents and was content to wander around until he decided maybe he wanted another treat. Reuben, again, was all over the egg hunt.
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We got home ready for bed, and Justin had come down with a cold. This usually happens to him after high stress periods of time. The day he finally relaxes he get's sick, and unfortunately that was Saturday. The boys seemed to enjoy their day, and it was nice to spend the day surrounded by family.


Becki said...

What a FUN day!! Your pictures are amazing Brecken...I should have to take some of my kids and pay you or something!! Your sisters are simply adorable and look so good!! I'm glad you guys had a good Easter...we should get together or plan a dinner so that we can see Justin sometime too...hmmm...we should plan that!!!

Tammy Lorna said...

Awwww. It sounds like you guys had a fabulous day :) And I love the whole Simeon being content with one egg thing :) I'd forgotten about the whole "plastic eggs filled with things" in America. You can't buy plastic eggs here. Just hundreds and thousands of delicious chocolate ones in all shapes and sizes... lol! We had an easter egg hunt with the neices/nephew on Saturday, and by Saturday night I think we were all feeling wonderfully sick :)

xoxoxoxo Tammy

PS. You're sisters are looking great... maybe next time we'll get to see a photo you too ;)

Lark said...

I love it!

Talyn said...

Who is the guy in blue on the picture above Courtlin's solo shot?

I love the Simeon resting on Justin in his pajamas photo.

Talyn said...

Sorry. The guy in red.