Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simeon's "face"

11_02_21 019
Simeon makes this ridiculous face where he jets out his bottom jaw, tightens up his lips, and raises his eyebrows. He does it periodically. It is much funnier in person, and I've been trying to capture it for the last month or so, and these came close.

He also does this thing where he hides his face in his arms on the floor or table if he is upset about something. Its pretty funny, which I know he doesn't mean it to be funny, but it is such a grown-up thing to do that seeing my baby do it is hilarious.

But the funniest is his hitting. He very gently hits me or grandpa in the arm when we aren't doing something the way he wants. But, the table, he hits the table pretty hard. He was in the bath. Reuben took a toy away from him, and Simeon went to hit the water like it was the table. There was an enormous splash, and Reuben laughed so hard that Simeon forgot he was doing it because of the stolen toy, and started to do it to make Reuben laugh. I had to close the shower curtain on them so that I could listen to them laugh at each other.
11_02_21 010

11_02_21 020

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