Friday, February 25, 2011

Health Insurance Scam

Politics aside. (Because I know most of you don't agree with me, and I don't want the arguments. All of my experiences have more than solidified my opinion.)

We have to find some private health insurance. Justin's job is temporary. While we are thankful for the job, and he believes in and loves what he is working on, "temporary" really means we-won't-give-you-benefits (which even if he was permanent we will still have to pay for health insurance).

I've been looking. I finally did a goggle search, when blue cross blue shield, met life, and aetna (the insurances we have had in the past) came up with no options for us. I found this link: (i'm not hyper linking it, you'll see why.) googgle said it was "verisign trusted" and it had the green star with the check on it. Which means it is "safe" with no signs of threats. Which I know means its not going to give my computer a virus, so I should internet trust it, which is different than trust it trust it.

When I was looking for quotes for the insurance companies I knew, they required names, and birth dates. So, I wasn't suspicious when that was required at ehealthinusrance. I filled in our information, and then I got results, from three different companies: select health, humana one, and altius. All of them at least 300 dollars a month. Most of them with really high deductibles, no out of pocket limits, and no maternity.

Justin got a phone call last night, the connection was bad, so the "insurance" called back. But from a different number. Justin was at work, so asked him to call back in the morning. Justin got the phone call this morning. "We've got a plan for 50 dollars a month. It covers maternity, you know in case you want another child. So, we can get you signed up right now. What is your routing number?"


Justin didn't give him our routing number.

Then the guy said, "I can get your routing number if you give me your account number which bank do you bank with?"


Justin didn't give him our account number.

This whole situation just infuriates me. Honestly, the legitimate health insurance companies are enough of a scam. You have to read so closely to figure out what will be covered and what won't be. I have a college degree in English, and I find it difficult to understand.

I had my issues with medicaid, but I eventually found a clean, honest clinic. I had my issues with met life, but that turned out to be an issue with the HR department at my work. I'm willing to pay for health insurance, I just want it to be worth what I pay. I think it should be more of a right, than big business. It is just wrong that we have to fear getting sick, or having an accident, for financial reasons--shouldn't it be bad enough that we that we get sick or have an accident?

So, instead of arguing with me on politics or the role of government, will you just find us some insurance? It has to be less than 400 dollars a month (and that is pushing it), and the deductible can't put us into bankruptcy if Reuben breaks a leg, I get pregnant (which we aren't planning right now, but shouldn't be planned against), Justin gets that cancer that is genetically inevitable, or Simeon needs stitches.


Sandy M. said...

This is going to be no help to you at all, but in Oz we have medicare that covers everyone - and means that you don't need to be worried about things happening (except that you don't want to have things happening for their own sake of course). Do you have anything like this?
I hope you find something!

Margaret said...

Here's a couple of websites that may help you... the first one I don't know much about but it seemed helpful and the second is from Utah's state web pages. I bet you could actually call the health department in Utah and they could help you find some possibilities.

:) best of luck!

Caroline said...

When we lived there we went with selecthealth and sometimes assurant health. I haven't done a price comparison for a while, so I'm not sure though.

Good luck!