Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy of LOVE: What he wears

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Justin has been gone for a month. The return flight has past, and we will not see each other until the boys and I can move out to join him. So, it was nice that I could use him as the person I love today because he left his favorite pants behind. He wore these pants at least three times a week since the day his Sister gave them to him. He always felt trendy and hot in them. As the holes got bigger and bigger the pants were not retired. They were long enough, and skinny enough, and he loved them. While some women would have a problem with being 100 pounds heavier than their husband, I kind of like it especially when he thinks he is dressed in fashion, because he does this funny little strut.

He works hard for us, he sacrifices much for us. He wasn't wearing these jeans all the time because they were his favorite, he was wearing them because they were what he had, and it was lucky they were his favorite. He wasn't necessarily wearing holy jeans because they were his favorite jeans, but because he didn't want to spend the money on himself to buy new jeans.  So, they are reminder to me how lucky I am to love him, and to be loved by him.  


Justin said...

Thanks baby--I love you too! I remembered the return flight tonight and although it would be so good to be back there with you, I an grateful I can be working to bring you this way.

Sandy M. said...

Do you know how much it costs to buy a holes-in-all-the-right-places trendy pair of jeans like these?? You guys really do have it all! :)
I remember the first couple of years that Neil and I were married; and poor, and he had only three shirts to his name - that were getting more threadbare every wash! I was pregnant and Neil insisted that it was more important for us to buy dollar fabric for me to make a maternity dress.. Love can grow and flourish amazingly well at such times, when pockets are empty but hearts brim. (Me waxing poetic at the memory :)
As has wisely been said: this too shall pass..
The mind boggles a little though: whatever is Justin wearing each day in Utah!? :)
(Good photograph Brecken! :)