Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy of LOVE: Now and Then

I would have loved to do this with Justin, especially because he currently has a gigantic beard, and long hair, but alas he is not any where near my camera right now. So I thought I'd take photos of the things I loved to take photos of when my boys were infants, their hands and feet. I think the funnest part is comparing, especially with Reuben. You can tell just as much about my photography journey as you can with my boys growth.

Reuben's Feet at four months old: His little feet, always stuck in that bouncer while I worked away rocking him with my own foot. He'd kick and kick when he got excited, or needed my attention. (And, since I don't have my hard drive hooked up, I got this off of my blog, remember when he had to optimize photos to get them on the internet?)
Reuben's Baby Feet
Reuben's Feet today: Running, Twirling, Jumping, Skipping. He puts those feet to good use. They are always bare, because he thinks socks stink.
11_02_03 001
11_02_03 009

Reuben and Simeon's Feet (Sept 25, 2009):

Simeon's Baby Feet (Dec. 25, 2009: Day I got my 50 mm):

Simeon's Walking-on-His-Knees Feet: Simeon begs to put socks and his little shoes on.
11_02_03 025
Simeon's Just-Barely Walking Feet: He is getting a bit more brave, but still can move so fast on his knees that the teeter totter on his feet isn't compelling enough.
11_02_03 044

Simeon's Baby Hands
Simeon Hands
Simeon's Toddler Hands: My favorite thing about his hands now is that he pats my back when he gives me a hug. He wraps his little arms tightly around me, then after a while starts to pat. Baby fat wrinkles are so kissable, but show of affection I get now is magical. I also think it is hilarious that he hits when he is frustrated, the manner in which he does it is so methodical that I always have to hold in my laughter when I tell him, "No hitting."
11_02_03 016

Simeon 09/09/09 Napping after an eventful day of being born
09-09-10 174 alt
Simeon 02/03/11 Laying down for his nap
11_02_03 054

Reuben's Second Day of Life
Reuben Second Day of Life
Reuben's 1847th Day of Life: He does not like having his picture taken, he told me today.
11_02_03 006

Reuben holding Simeon 9/16/09
Brothers III
Reuben holding Simeon Today: Simeon was turning on the TV, and Grandpa told Reuben no babies playing with the TV last night, so Reuben was going to enforce that rule no matter what.
11_02_03 046

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Sandy M. said...

Wonderful photos Brecken, as always. Oh no! - Reuben doesn't like being photographed!? But he does it so well! :)