Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of LOVE: Love to hate

The prompt for today was "love to hate" Something our loved one does that we hate. My thought was "morning." Reuben comes to my bed sometime between 6 and 7, which would be fine if I could fall asleep before three. I tell him every morning, "but it's not even morning yet." I help him start a show on netflix on the ipod, and he cuddles with me in bed for the next hour or two, waking me up periodically to tell me something "important." Honestly, while I wish I could be asleep, I really do enjoy that cuddle time with Reuben. He is so happy to just lay in my bed with me until I'm ready to wake all the way up, or until Simeon's crying reaches full throttle and I know I can't avoid getting up any longer. 
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