Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov 3. I Heart Reuben

I am thankful for Reuben. I've been thankful for Reuben every day since he joined us. As he grows I grow to love him even more, he is such an interesting, entertaining, intelligent kid.

I took him to the early childhood screening. It was so interesting to watch him do the development "games." The only thing he tested 4 years old on was catching the bean bag. He cut perfectly, but held his scissors silly. And, he made a few jokes before answering correctly on some of the language stuff. There is a picture and the teacher says, "find something that starts with the sound "d." Reuben pointed to the shoe, and said, "Da shoe!" Then he laughed and looked for something that started with the da sound. The teacher told me it was the first time she had ever seen a child be able to draw each of the shapes in the shape recognition and writing part.

Ht. 45 95%
Wt 44 75%
Hearing R P L 1000/25 (He missed one on his left)
Vision acuity R 10/10 L 10/10

Continue to practice scissor grip.
Play Catch (without body trapping, one hand, too.)
Such a friendly, positive personality...A very focused, willing, cooperative worker! Confident too! Good vocab!


Lark said...

Maybe you should add he tested above 4 years old on everything but catching.

Emily Poll said...

we miss this little guy around here:)