Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov 4 I heart Simeon

I am thankful for Simeon.
I am thankful for his calm demeanor, for his decisiveness. I am thankful that he cuddles. I am thankful that he plays happily by himself as long as you don't leave the room. I am thankful that he can handle Reuben "cuddling" him.

He loves to watch people throw things, especially if it is Reuben. He laughs and laughs.

He has started climbing into the little rocking chair and rocking back and forth. He's been getting a little too brave and pushing the limits.

He loves to dance, and rock, and bounce.

He does not like to sit while he eats. He stands in the high chair, precisely balanced so he can see what is on his plate, as well as Grandpa's. He thinks that Grandpa's food is better than his own, and ends up eating more off of Grandpa's plate than his own.

I taught him to sign more. He uses it to mean I'm hungry, or I'm hungry and that food you are trying to give me is not what I want, or I'm thirsty.

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My Name Isn't Jerry said...

I never liked any baby until I met Simeon.