Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov. 1 I Heart

Since I remembered that today was November first I will do the daily "I heart." We had a great lesson on Gratitude yesterday in Young Women's, and it occurred to me that maybe if I am really grateful for everything I have I'll not only notice all I have but be more worthy of what I need. (We are still hopeful, Justin was invited to do a second interview with the corporation that he would like to work for. And his second interview with the school in Pennsylvania went well. It could be we know where we need to go in the next couple of weeks.)

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Photo taken on the Ikea Water Taxi.

I Heart that we are all back together again. It is easy to notice all that Justin does now that he is freshly back with us. Our family is not complete without him.

I am grateful that Justin got that job in New York, but I am more grateful that we are together.

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Klous Family said...

I heart this post! It gave me goosebumps! I'm so glad you guys are back together as a family as well! :)I love you guys and hope one of these job options becomes a reality for your family even if it means you moving away from what will be a sad, poor, miserable me! :)