Sunday, October 31, 2010

Practically Perfect

Among the many things Reuben has had the great fortune of doing before the age of five:

See a Broadway show--in BOX SEATS!

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It was delightful to be able to enjoy "Mary Poppins" once more from a new perspective. The other view I have seen was from the upper balcony--which was quite a good view--but this added a new dimension unlike any other. The reason we got box seats (mind you they cost only $31.50 a piece) was because they were considered "partially obstructed view." Really, it wasn't that obstructed. We only missed a few entrances from stage right and Mr. Banks' office at down stage right has hardly any interesting activity in it at all. Things began there, but ended up moving down center before any real magic happened.

Our box was the very first on the lower tier of boxes at house left--called "Buttercup." There were only two seats and we were required to keep the curtain closed for privacy. When Reuben wanted to stand at the velvet-covered railing and watch, no one else's view was compromised. If money were no object I would say the box is the only way to do theatre with small children (and anyone else for that matter).

Another fun fact about the show was that this little girl who played Jane Banks had auditioned for my ballet film in 2008. She was a little young at the time, and I felt so terrible because she cried when she couldn't quite master the choreography. I thought she was sweet and told her she had nothing to worry about--which apparently she didn't since she's been taking Broadway by storm ever since.

The show was indeed Practically Perfect in every way--and Reuben (who had mentioned before he ONLY liked Mary Poppins on Dee-Vuh-DEE...and really he was just itching to get to fulfilling his New York lifelong dream of riding the Bob the Builder tractor at 72nd street which I had promised we would do after the show) told me he thought he wasn't going to like it, but he did! His favorite part was when old Ms. Andrew (stage musical only) was placed in a bird cage and disappeared in a puff of smoke through a trap door--he turned to me once it happened and exclaimed "that's my favorite part!" Oh--and he also enjoyed the living statues and flying Mary Poppins--which is my favorite part since as a child I had an obsession with going out in windstorms with an umbrella in the hopes that I would be carried away in the clouds.

Reuben also asked me while we were on the train--"How many seasons of Mary Poppins ARE there?" I love how he thinks all films and shows are divided into seasons--way too media savvy for a four-year-old, but he only has me to blame.

**An interesting modification: The Temper, Temper song which I thought was rather frightening was instead replaced by this more subdued number, Playing the Game in 2009. For those who have seen the show, any thoughts on the change?**


hilary said...

What a great post Justin! When I finally visit New York. I totally going to see a show. The family and I are going to Wicked in January at Popejoy. I'm so excited. I hear the songs are fantastic.

Justin said...

Indeed they are fantastic Hilary! That is a great musical--my favorite number is "Changed for Good"--it makes me think of dear friends over the years. I recommend seeing Mary Poppins when you go to New York--I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it, in spite of its departure from the film--in any case enjoy the magic! :)