Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloween

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No over arching theme this year, since daddy missed the party. I'm Elphaba, Simeon is a lion (same costume as last year but a little snug this time around), and Reuben is Woody. You'd think it would be easy to find a cowboy hat... well, I looked for two days and 4 different stores. I found a 35 dollar outback hat, and this straw fedora on clearance for three dollars.

The branch had a family dance on Wednessday.

We will have our own little monster mash, it is after all one of justin's favorite holidays and he is here with us--although his luggage is not (airline makes you pay 25 dollars to check a bag and then leaves in Chicago...I WANT A REFUND!)
A 10_10_29 270


Mindy said...

Henry was a cowboy one year. It is way easier to find the toy guns than it is to find the right hat. Finally got one from Walmart after a lot of searching.

Sandy M. said...

See how beautifully blue your eyes are against the green! :) You all look wonderful!
(We could have loaned you an outback hat. I keep saying that you should come visit... :)