Thursday, October 28, 2010

New York

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Of course, the main goal was to go see daddy, but the other purpose (while daddy was working, and otherwise engaged) was to do those things we missed about New York, or those things we regretted not doing.
So, we went to the Met again. I love that place, and so does Simeon.
When Reuben saw the above painting he said, "Hey! We've been there!" Those red buildings in the left, that is Fairway (like no other market). Every time we go into a store Reuben asks if there is a cold room.
My grandparents had a miniature one of these on there TV. Grandma really wanted dad to take it once, he wasn't so into it, but Courtlin was. 

We finally went to Top of the Rock, and everything I had heard about it was true. It was a much nicer experience than the empire state building with better views and more to do, and you get to go to the very top. Justin was amazed that when he looked up he saw nothing but sky, a starless sky, but still just sky.
There is a magic room on the top of the rock. The lights assign you a color when you walk in, and follow you around the room, then if you run around in there long enough all the colors that were in the room flash at you with some new age sounds. Justin and Reuben loved it.

Justin took Reuben to see Mary Poppins. Maybe this weekend Justin will fill you in some more on that. (I know I would like that, hint hint.)
I went to the opera. It was lovely. I can't believe I never did it before, and probably a good thing I didn't because I would have spent a lot more money going to the opera than I did. I saw tales of hoffeman. and my subtitles screen was the only one working of the couple of screens around me. And, no, I didn't get bed bugs.

I had the perfect plan to pick up some crumbs cup cakes, and then go to dinner at Shake Shack (saving the cup cakes for when we got back to brooklyn.) It was a perfect plan except for when we got to Crumbs it wasn't there! AHH! Luckily Shake Shake saved my mood. The next day we were on the M11 and saw the Crumbs had just moved north a few blocks. Well it saved us 4 cup cakes worth of money, but I'm left craving a fruity crumbs cup cake.


Kay Jones said...

Love your blog and your pictures. You are multi talented!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken, this blog entry makes me homesick for new york. But really, it just makes me homesick for the Cooks!

Thank goodness we'll be living next door in heaven :)

I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time (in the most fabulous city), and that crumbs is still there, and that Justin has seen the sky :)

Prayers are being continually offered, so hopefully the job hunt will end soon, and you can all turn your attentions to the 'save money for our Australia Trip' effort instead... lol!

love you!
xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

I really enjoyed seeing you all have fun Brecken :)
(Are you looking skinny?)
Reuben did the photo with MP perfectly!