Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Praying for something to report

I will post about the rest of our new York trip soon. It's hard to update the blog when I feel like nothing has changed. But we are closer this week-- Justin is currently in an interview. It's with a corporation that he would like to work his way up in. Then on Friday he interviews with a college that would offer great experience and pay, although it's only half way to what he'd really like to be doing.

I'd accept either. I'd even be willing to have the difficult task of haveing to decide between them. We are hopeful but would still accept your added prayers. Here's to a job for Justin!


sallysue said...

Prayers being sent from NC.

Tammy Lorna said...

Prayers being sent from AUS.

Love you!
xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

The right thing will come up Brecken :) He says to ask and we will receive, and I have learned to believe that :)


Mindy said...

Everything will work out. I can't wait to hear what it ends up being.