Thursday, October 14, 2010

A mouse!

Reuben dropped crayons on the floor, so he was looking for them. He said, "A Mouse!" then he lifted up his hand, and all I saw (without my glasses on) was a wiggling tail. I screamed and yelped! How the heck did Reuben just pick up a mouse, it must be dead, gross! Just as gross as a live mouse.

Then he came closer laughing and laughing at my screaming and yelping.

It was a rattle mouse. The people we are subletting from have a cat, and it was a cat toy.


The Jones :) said...

That is too funny...gross thinking it could've been a real one...but funny that he was laughing from all your yelps and screams!!! You make me laugh!!! Hope you're having a good time back there!!!

Mindy said...

That's so funny because the other day when you were so nostalgic about NY, I thought about that mouse (that not EVERYTHING was perfect) problem in that one apartment. Good to hear it was just pretend though, that Reuben does not have the bubonic plague or anything similar to it, and that you are not having to go trap shopping.

Jessica said...

I can almost hear you screaming from here. That is hilarious.

Sandy M. said...

Reuben must have loved that!