Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Playgroup, Cloisters, Chelsea Market

Both Reuben and Mommy have missed playgroup. It was fun to see everyone, and of course we missed a few faces, but Reuben had a wonderful time running around dinosaur park with his friends. The last playgroup we had before we moved was at dinosaur park, and in those last months of growing, Reuben is tall enough to climb up on the dinosaur all by himself. We stayed at the park all morning, ate lunch and then took the M5 our favorite bus up to our street.

We walked past our apartment building. Reuben was so matter-of-fact, "Hey, my favorite place" (the ramp and stairs at the school of music). "I see our old house! I wonder who lives there now." It was so strange not to go up and put Simeon down for a nap. That was a pretty great apartment, even with its cracked floor, new york kitchen, and long narrow hallway.

We caught the M4 to go up to the Cloisters. We had planned to go several times but something always came up. So I took the boys. Reuben was not impressed...until we went out into the garden, and he read the plant plaques. He'd squat, and sound out the letters. Simeon loved it. He was in the ergo on my back, arching his his back so he could see everything, and reaching desperately in hopes of touching the tapestries. And, when I let him crawl around the arcade, he was in pure heaven.

We went to daddy's office, and then took the A train so we could go to Chelsea Market. We got Thai food, its always wonderful when the real thing is as good as the memory. I do so love thai food. We went to Rooneybrook Milk Bar, they didn't have any raspberry icecream out, so I had a nutella icecream shake, those shakes are so good even if it wasn't raspberry. We got some bread at Amy's Bakery for breakfast. It was delicious.

We made it back to brooklyn tiered, and ready for bed. 


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

SO not fair.. I'm so jealous you're back. Now I want a Nutella milkshake too :)

Kourtney said...

I am so envious that you get to "go back home." I think of New York almost everyday. Glad to see your experiences. Give everyone our love.