Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Road

We loaded the truck Monday morning. We had more than enough help, and did it in about two hours. It was bitter sweet to go up and see our empty apartment, enjoy our view one last time. and eat the last of our ice cream. And then we set off on our great American Road Trip.

Day One Quote: "RELEASE ME!" Said by Reuben in hopes of getting out of his car seat.

The boys did amazingly well, especially considering their experience in cars. We crossed New Jersey. We crossed Pennsylvania. We got into Ohio, and drove until my eyes were too itchy to see the road in the dark.  We stopped at a really fancy Holiday Inn Express. Let me tell you, that bed was the most comfortable motel bed I have ever slept in. The boys fell immediately sleep. And, the drivers were soon to follow.
We woke up in the morning, to find the boys taking up both beds. Reuben slept with Grandpa, horizontally, most of the night. Then it was down for our hot breakfast, and on the road again.

Day Two Quote: "They could make us unload the truck, in the rain, into a new truck."

We finished Ohio. We crossed Indiana. Got to Chicago at 3, and didn't move fore the next 2 hours. I was driving the car leading Grandpa in the truck. A semi let me in, while changing lanes, and I let Grandpa in front of me. And, that is when I saw the flat tire. The back tires were doubles, and the inside tire on the passenger side was really wobbly, and the outside tire was looked pretty stressed. We radioed, "Once we get moving we'll have to stop. The truck as a flat." Almost immediately a fellow Uhaul driver honked and honked and honked to get Grandpa's attention to yell to him, "you've got a flat!" (They had three in the seat's three, which doesn't really seat three.) So we headed to Malawaukee, Jane (the GPS) started yelling at me, telling me we were going the wrong way, but I didn't care because she told us to be stuck in Chicago for two hours. We got to Skokie, and pulled into a Shell. Sure enough, the tire was not only flat, but shredded. We called Uhaul, and prayed that they would send a new tire, not a new truck. And hour and half later, a Uhaul truck pulled in, a guy jumped out, opened the back, and pulled out a tire. (Had we known we were going to be in chicago for 4 hours we would have made plans with the Brunson's, but we were hoping for a different outcome.)

We started driving, and obeyed Jane, to go to Madison instead. It was 11:30 when we finally stopped in Madison for the night. I feel asleep before anyone else did. Reuben and I woke up early and ran to the pool for a quick dip, and still were ready to get breakfast at the same time as Daddy. We ate, and were on the road again.

Day Three Quote: "I want to go THERE!" (Reuben and Justin regarding Wisconsin Dells.)

We crossed Wisconsin. We stopped at Culvier's for linner, and finished up our last 4 hours of driving. There were signs for construction the whole way, but we only saw one patch, and it only stalled us for 20 minutes. It was so nice to get home.

The next day we unloaded into a storage unit.

And I am still exhausted.

Reuben seems to be adjusting well. Simeon is more Mamma's boy than ever, even fussing with Justin.

Justin has an interview the end of this month. We wouldn't mind your prayer that he impresses them enough to give him the job.


emilysuze said...

Whew! What a trip with two little ones and a U-haul! Good luck to Justin with his interview.

Rachel said...

Good luck to Justin for his interview! Glad to hear you made to to MN safe and sound.

Mindy said...

Glad you made it safe and sound.

Jamie Curtis said...

i'm glad you made it! and hooray to justin for the job interview!!! i will keep you guys in my prayers. xoxo.