Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Down by the River

Saturday we went to story time at the Library. Reuben asked three kids if they wanted to be friends, and he got three no's. I pointed to a little girl, and said, "Try her." He said, "No, I'm all done." So we went for a walk along the Mississippi River. Moving is hard for a social child.


Courtlin said...

They said, "no!" what is wrong with those kids.

Klous Family said...

So much for passing on the MN nice to our children! :~/ I showed Eric Reuben's picture and asked him if he'd like to be friends with him and he said YES! So, hopefully we can get them together soon!
Great pictures! You are such a beautiful photographer!

Sandy M. said...

Just gorgeous photos, as always :)
I would have been done too.. until tomorrow, at least :) He's going to find friends soon. How are you doing?


Amber F said...

I especially like the photo of Justin pontificating to Reuben of the majestic wonders of the great Mississippi. I can however, see the stream of words going in one ear...and coming straight out the other. Oh well, such is life!