Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last Saturday In New York

We made our way to Prospect Park Zoo. It's a small little thing, that we hadn't been to. We got there just in time for the Samba with the Sea Lions. Reuben was not having that, but Justin danced along. Justin then had to leave before us. The plan was to go find Calexico (a burrito cart, that recently opened a restaurant in Brooklyn.) So, instead of taking the train all the way back to Manhattan, the boys and I went to try and find this burrito that I have heard good things about. I was alone (with the boys) climbing stairs then in search of the restaurant. I couldn't find the real Calexico (the one linked to the cart) so it was back on to the train.

The plan was perfect, I was going to transfer at canal street, then go to Washington Square Park.  When I got off to transfer with the boys, I found out that the train I needed was running on a different track than usual, so I had to climb stairs, go down stairs, walk through a tunnel and climb two flights of stairs. In the climbing I wasn't watching the signs so went to the downtown train. I didn't notice until we were on the train. No big deal, I just take the downtown train to the next handicap accessible station, which I did. We made the transfer to the uptown train without a hitch. But, the train we got on was crowded, and I couldn't get out of the train at the stop I wanted. So we got off at the next stop and transferred to a downtown train. The whole thing took 2 hours.

I thought to myself, "You've come a long way, baby." I would have never made that plan (to be by myself, and walk around neighborhoods I didn't know, and make transfers). And then when the plan got complicated I would have had a panic attack, but I didn't. I have come a long way.

We walked to Washington Square park, on Waverly Place. The whole time Reuben was looking for Alex, and Justin, and Max. He was disappointed that we didn't find them, but it wore off once he saw the fountain.

We then rushed uptown to have a good bye dinner with some friends. The boys and I were pooped out from our big day on the city, but I couldn't think of any better way to spend our last Saturday. 


Cary said...

Is that Jillian in the middle with the yellow shirt? If not, she has a twin (or at least a girl that looks like a twin on camera). Weird. And welcome back to the little country of Minnesota :-)

Jed and Kate said...

So glad we could have this last little dinner, but we miss you guys! Hope you'll visit soon!