Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drizzles, Shake Shack, Macy*s, Book Club

The plan was to go to the Flatiron District for Shake Shack, but it was drizzling, so we went to the Upper West Side location. The Shake Shack has my favorite fries, burger, and shake in the city. I LOVE that place. I save up all my calories for week just for one meal at the shake shack. Now, I know some people do not love it as much as me (Californians), but really, how do you beat a battered and fried mushroom stuffed with ooey gooey cheese over a cheese burger with lettuce and tomatoes. (I will admit that I have never had In 'n Out--but do they have the mushroom?)

We then went to Macy*s. We lost Justin and Reuben in a too-many-people-want-the-elevator event. When we emerged from Penn Station, to look for Justin and Reuben, Tammy noticed a tall building. "Is that a famous building?" She asks. I look, "Yup." And then realize that I should probably tell her which one it is, "It's the Empire State Building." We did find Justin and Reuben, in case you were worried about that part of the story.

Tammy had a few things on her buy in america list, that would be found there, and really 9 floors of a full city block, its something to see. We were successful in finding everything she needed. I, started looking forward to my buying shoes days. I used to love shoes, you wouldn't know it now because I'm too utilitarian to wear cute shoes when needing to walk around NYC. I hope we move to a place that only requires walking when I want to, so I can buy cute shoes again. Tammy bought some really really cute shoes, and I Reuben wanted me to buy some cute orange shoes with a gold buckle. I might, when I know if I can wear ridiculous(ly cute) shoes again.

We rushed home, and Tammy and Reuben made dinner. I made rice pudding for book club, and we ate, and cleaned. We had a nice discussion about The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet--so nice that Tammy decided to read it (in two nights.)

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Tammy Lorna said...

Ahh. Another wonderful day. Seriously, how have you found time to do writeups of ALL of these days already?! Very very impressive!

I loved that dinner :) And Macys and the shakeshake and bookclub were all so much fun too.

And you'll be glad to know that I think I've FINALLY learnt the differences between the Crysler Building and the Empire State Building. I think.... :)

xo Tammy